Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Age of Doubt

The Age of Doubt by Andrea Camilleri is the 14th book in the Inspector Montalbano mystery series. I enjoy this series. I like the characters and the way they develop, and I find the plots interesting. This series is much better read in order as the characters and their relationships do develop over time. Do not start with this book.

from the back of the book:
The day after a storm floods Vigata, Inspector Montalbano encounters a strange, bedraggled woman who expresses interest in a certain yacht scheduled to dock that afternoon. Not long after she's gone‚ the crew of the yacht reports having found a dinghy in the port, and within it, a disfigured corpse. Also at anchor is an eighty-five-foot luxury boat with a somewhat shady crew. Both boats will have to stay in Vigata until the investigation is over -the unidentified ma was poisoned, it seems. Based on the information -and misinformation- the mysterious woman shared with him‚ Montalbano begins to think the occupants of the yacht just might know a little more about the man’s death than they’re letting on.
Euro Crime concludes with this:
Because of its focus on Montalbano's continual agonising between Livia and other women, I would say that it isn't one of the strongest of the series. Nevertheless, there is plenty of Camilleri's trademark humour and charm to please his fans, and of course the able translation of Stephen Sartarelli enhances the whole.
Kirkus Reviews closes with this: "delves more deeply into the hero's interior life than usual. A droll delight for series fans, maybe not so much for new readers." Reviewing the Evidence calls it "Entertaining summer fare." The Telegraph says, "As is customary with Camilleri's novels, the delight is not in the crime plot - which is just as well, as most of the exposition comes in a rush at the end - but in the character of Montalbano." Publisher's Weekly says, "The awkward humanity and everyday sadness of Camilleri’s characters make them instantly sympathetic, while wry commentary on language, food, and local customs lend color."

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  1. Wow! A whole series I haven't heard of. I think I struck gold. Thanks a bunch!


    1. i came across a couple of these in a used book store several years ago. i think there's just one more, and then i guess i'll have to start them again. i think they are a real find. i hope you like them :)

  2. I have never read a Montalbano mystery, but there is a very popular tv-series that has been going on for ages - at least here in Europe. I have never seen it myself - there are only so many hours in a day, after all! But I understand it´s very good also.


    1. i will definitely check out the tv series. thx for the heads up on that. i've added them to my list at amazon.