Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Django the Bastard

Django the Bastard (aka The Stranger's Gundown) is a 1969 Spaghetti Western about a Confederate soldier who returns to seek revenge for the betrayal of his unit. Former officers begin to die. Anthony Steffen plays the Django character, which has no connection to the character in the original Django film. I find it interesting.
"There ain't no man livin' could ever refuse all that money."
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Fistful of Pasta has 2 reviews: This one is mixed, while this one is positive. closes with this:
A very creepy film that more appropriatley resembles a horror film than a Spaghetti Western. It relies heavily on atmosphere and suspense and will no doubt fascinate many viewers. It is one of those movies that every Spaghetti Western fan should see to decide for themselves. It does have faults but has many distinguishing aspects that make this a very interesting and enjoyable Spaghetti Western.
The Spinning Image closes by saying,
As an action film, this just about passes muster. It has that familiar mix of grubby sadism, pitch black humour and cynical social commentary ... common to all Django movies, even if they aren’t directly related, and moves briskly through its stalking and shootouts. Sergio Garrone was a solid hand at westerns and war movies...
Rotten Tomatoes has no critics' reviews.

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