Sunday, September 01, 2013


Anamorph is a 2007 film, a psychological thriller/horror film about a serial killer. It stars Willem Dafoe and Clea DuVall (Sophie on Carnivale). Mick Foley and Debbie Harry have cameos. This is a seriously grotesque film. I loved the score.

"The truth depends on where you stand."


Slant Magazine gives it 1 1/2 out of 4 stars and opens its review with this: "It's not clear what's more irritating about Anamorph: that it's another shameless rip-off of Se7en or that its high-concept gobbledygook has almost no bearing on its mystery's conclusion." TimeOut calls it a "moody, cerebral thriller". DVD Talk says, "Those of you who are art fans will definitely want to check this out, as will those of you who love crime dramas." says, " They were going for a more dramatic thriller as opposed to wanting to give you an iconic horror genre villain, surely, but it still ended up being too bland because of it." Rotten Tomatoes score is 26%.


  1. I love Willem Dafoe - he is one to take chances, isn´t he? And whatever he is in, he comes out honourably; he is just soo good.

    1. we think he's good, too, and we've enjoyed several of his films.