Monday, September 16, 2013

Flight of the Navigator

Flight of the Navigator is a 1986 science fiction film. Not my cuppa tea. My tolerance for cute kids in movies is fairly low, and this film doesn't have much else to offer. It starts off with a see-the-dogs-catch-the-frisbee contest and the little kids arguing over kid stuff. Then Dad and Son have a heart-to-heart talk about Girls.

Gag. So much cuteness. And time travel is a key plot element. Bummer. It seems to be well-liked by most, though, so maybe it's a you-had-to-be-there "thing".

via youtube:

Moria says, "of all the banal boy-encounters-alien efforts that emerged after E.T., this is one of the most intelligent." Empire Online concludes, "Never brave enough to feel far-reaching (or, ironically, far-fetched, when time-travel and space flight are so popular at the movies), Navigator still fulfills its mission, distracting the family for bang-on an hour and a half." Time Out says it's "One for the none too discerning youngster." DVD Talk calls it "a charming piece of 1980s nostalgia". Rotten Tomatoes has an 80% critics score.

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