Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jerry's Sno Cones

Jerry's Sno Cones is a Memphis institution, but it's well off my beaten track and I had never been. The Daughter insisted I remedy this, and we went recently and had pink lemonade sno cones.

It wasn't really what I was expecting. I was thinking I'd be having what I used to get at the Sno Cream Castle when I was little. That treat was crushed ice in a paper cone with flavored syrup on it. The Kids remember getting these at the zoo when they were little. They looked like this:

photo from Sky High Party Rentals

What we were served at Jerry's:

seemed to me to be more like a slushy. It was good even though it wasn't what I expected. I've been told there's almost always a line -a long line- so we were fortunate to go on a day when the traffic was steady but there were never more than 3 in the line.

Here's the menu:

The I Love Memphis blog lists it as one of the reasons to love Memphis. Urban Spoon gives Jerry's a 97% rating. Yelp has good reviews.


  1. With names like John Deere, My Tie, and Shock Tart, how in the world did you end up with something boring like pink lemonade (grin)?

    I'm like you. I remember when I was a kid and went to the fair, that's what they served, too. And once the syrup was sucked out of the cone, all that was left was shaved ice!

    1. lol i'm not sure. i knew what it would taste like for one thing, and that's a definite draw for me. ;)

      i was always good at finishing the syrup & ice together. i'm not even sure if that kind is available around here any more. i'll have to check at the zoo. i know they used to have them, but it's been years since i paid attention to the food treats at the zoo.

  2. I'd expect my sno cone to be in a "cone" too. Actually haven't seen one in years though. They do sell them from a quite colorful building.though.


    1. i'm glad they didn't have to contend with stiff neighborhood regulations on building colors. this is definitely a bright spot :)