Friday, September 06, 2013

The Fall

The Fall is a 2006 fantasy/adventure film. It's a movie filled with beautiful images from the child's vision of the man's imaginative story. The story isn't quite as riveting as the visualization, but the vision is entrancing. I had never heard of this until I came across it on youtube, but it's well worth finding.

via youtube:

This Slant Magazine review says, "The Fall is a bedtime story impeccably designed to flatter its own maker. And chronic masturbators," while another article at that site explains why it's a cult classic:
The resulting experience is unique and thrilling. We are never implicitly told how to feel, when to applaud, or what moments to relish. Consequently, The Fall takes its place among an elite category of cinema: a careful artwork that doesn't advertise its own gravitas. Perhaps that's the definition of a cult classic.
Quiet Earth says, "I would recommend The Fall to people who want to be visually blown away and can be a bit forgiving in the storytelling department." Roger Ebert gives it a full 4 stars and says it "is beautiful for its own sake". The Rotten Tomatoes scores: critics score 59%; audience score 83%.


  1. Oh WOW. I am going to take time out of my schedule and watch this. Thanks! And have a great weekend, too.

    1. it's beautiful to watch. i hope you like it :)