Sunday, September 08, 2013

10 Best Science Fiction Films of The Last 5 Years

ScreenRant has a list of the "10 Best Sci-Fi Films of The Last 5 Years":
Star Trek
District 9 (I tried to watch it, really I did.)
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Source Code
Super 8
4 out of 10. Bummer. I think I have a better track record with "older" movies. Much older movies.

HT: SF Signal


  1. Inception and Looper were both very good, I also saw Avatar and started Wall-E but couldn't get into it.

    1. inception is on my list of dvds i look for used every time i go to the dvd store. looper is a time travel story, isn't it? and those tend to drive me nuts. i've heard it's good, but i'm not sure i can do a time travel plot ever again lol.

      i got a big kick out of wall-e. it's one of the best love stories i've ever seen.

    2. Looper is a time travel story but it is well done and really isn't too hard to follow.

    3. i think meet the robinsons was the last time travel movie i saw, and the younger son and i kept yelling at the screen. it was animated and meant for kids, and i still couldn't get past it. "noooo, it doesn't work like that!" we kept yelling. at least we were in our house watching a dvd. lol

      the "temporal cold war" idea is the sole reason i gave up on star trek: enterprise.

  2. I watched Star Trek the way I often watch movies I want to have seen, but without spending/wasting two hours actually doing it: with my finger glued to the fast forward button. I have Inception lined up, the husband has seen it twice and wants to see it again, he says it´s really good.

    1. i have mixed feelings about the star trek re-boot. it was a fun film, but it's just not real star trek to me. i still haven't seen the sequel. i'm tired of them re-hashing old original series plots, and if i see khan in another star trek movie i may scream! not that i have strong feeling about it... ;)

      i've heard great things about inception. i may just have to buy it new...

    2. I know, but *Benedict Cumberbatch* is playing Khan...

    3. that's one of my problems. i wish they would quit re-writing the original series back story and come up with their own stories.