Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Still Life with Oranges

Still Life with Oranges (1954):

by John Bratby, an English painter who died on July 20, 1992, of a heart attack at the age of 64. Wikipedia calls him the founder of Kitchen Sink Realism.

You can see other examples of his work here and here. The New York Times has an obituary here.

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ATCs (with the inspiration prompt named above each image):










One Corner:

Random (not from a prompt):


  1. The Spots ATC reminded me of tea cups so I grabbed one as I don't care for coffee. The phrase Kitchen Sink Realism tickled my funny bone as well as the man with a beard. That one could also double as the theme for Hair and now I'll be humming that tune for the day. Thanks for starting my T Day with a chuckle. Happy T Day!

  2. Lovely ATCs, you have been busy again. I love the painting by John Bratby, he came to our school when I was a student and gave us an 'art day' - he was a great guy. Happy T Day, Valerie

  3. I like the still life you showed. I haven't heard of this painter and that piece was quite interesting to look at. Of course not ass interesting at your ATC's. You use so many cool bits in yours. Like the one corner one. That little piece of cloth is really eye catching. I hope you have a great T day and your heat isn't horrible. I haven't seen the weather for a couple of days so I don't know where this heat wave has broken and where it is still in place. Happy T day. hugs-Erika

  4. Anonymous7:04 AM

    I LIKE coffee... and Hair (Shining, gleaming, steaming, flaxen, waxen...)
    --A Pal

  5. aah, every week i feel the joy you have making these atcs. isn´t that just a great passion?
    wishing you a great summer, i´ll be back in a few weeks... xox

  6. Kitchen Sink Realism- I like that! Your ATCS are always such fun to see with your wonderful visuals in the collages. Love the coffee one. Happy T day!

  7. It was interesting to read about the Kitchen Sink Realism and how it developed. So glad you shared the link. After reading about the "social taboos" of the 50s, like adultery, abortion, pre-marital sex, and crimes, I thought how far we had come, yet how far we had descended. The big difference today is, it is so common, we don't think thing about it. Interracial taboos and homosexuality, should be things of the past, but we still have hate mongers who keep these in the forefront of our tvs and newspapers. When will we learn to get along? I guess when we have a leader who tries to unite us instead of dividing us. Sorry for the rant. I probably should delete this, but I think you understand.

    I always love your amazing ATCs. So glad you are still working on them and haven't slowed a bit. Thanks for sharing your still life painting and your ATCs with us for T this Tuesday.

    1. I love a good rant and welcome yours any time you wanna share :)

  8. I like the painting, D, though I'd never heard of Kitchen Sink Realism.

    More great ATCs. "There once was man with a beard" struck me funny.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  9. You made another lovely set of ATCs. I especially liked spots. Happy T-Day!

  10. Fabulous painting and I love your ATCs this week! The poem one on caught my imagination, I just had to finish a Limerick for T Day, here it is "there was a man with a beard" ... who looked a little weird, in his fabulous hat, alone he sat, drinking a pint of beer ...lol 😉. Thanks for the smiles and wishing you a happy T Tuesday! Hugs, Jo x

  11. It is a lovely painting, I didn't know that artist, however I was really drawn to look closer at your fantastic ATC projects, your collection must be getting big by now.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  12. Great painting and I am thrilled about your fantatsic ATCs this week...wow!!!
    Happy T-Day!
    Susi xxx

  13. I like that quote in Architecture.

  14. Made me think of Andy Warhol--LOL!
    Some whimsical ATCs this time. What do you do with them all?

    1. I have a big notebook (about full now), and I need to get a bigger one. I put them in those pages intended to hold baseball and Magic cards and such.

  15. I love your ATCs. Today, my favorite is the one for poem; There once was a Man with a beard. Love it!
    Thank you for the new artist to me, and a new type of art. I have to click on that link and learn more.
    Always enjoy your posts! Thank you! Happy belated t day.

  16. John Bratby certainly went for down to earth subjects! He also painted some famous people - quite unflatteringly(is that a word?) Love the ATCs, especially 'Grab a Coffee'and 'there was an old man with a beard'! Your ATC is winging it's way to by BTW!! Hugs, Chrisx

  17. I am amazed every time I see your ATCs how you interpret the theme. Really good,
    The painting in the kitchen realism style, looks a bit like my drawings of everyday objects that I did for a 'Draw Something Every Day' challenge. But I bet he got paid handsomely for his....
    Sorry I'm so late in commenting. Life got in the way (as it does),
    Happy belated T-Day,