Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just After Sunset

Just After Sunset is a book of short stories by Stephen King, loaned to me by The Younger Son when he saw me reading horror short stories online. I can enthusiastically recommend this book. The stories are staying with me. It's odd, but sometimes I find myself more affected afterwards when the story keeps remembering itself to me than I was on first reading.

Here's a list of the stories included in this book:
The Gingerbread Girl
Harvey's Dream
Rest Stop
Stationary Bike
The Things They Left Behind
Graduation Afternoon
The Cat from Hell
A Very Tight Place
The Guardian has a review describing the stories as having "Images of entrapment" at their center and closes by warning that "They're trapped in King's monologue, and you're trapped with them. At first you don't intend to be disturbed; then you are." AV Club has a mixed review and closes by saying,
Sunset's best selections favor pacing over mood, working off structures whose familiarity still leaves room for a few surprises. King hasn't forgotten how to set the hook; it's just that these days, he doesn't always take the time to reel it in.

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