Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dead of Night

Dead of Night is a 1945 anthology horror film made in Britain by Ealing studios. One of the stories takes place during the Christmas holiday season. It has an story about a ventriloquist's dummy, and I skipped that one. I'm just not going there. They are much worse than clowns on the horror scale, if you ask me. There are 5 scenes in all, with an over-arching narrative to tie them together. This is the ultimate recurring nightmare.


Moria says it "is regarded as one of the great classics of the genre, while the ventriloquist’s doll segment is regarded as the authoritative treatment of the theme." (I'm still not going to watch it.) British Horror Films says, "To me, Dead Of Night is simply the most terrifying film ever made". says,
Its overall high quality, mind-bending wraparound story, and one legendary sequence solidify Dead of Night's reputation as one of the greatest examples of the horror anthology.
Rotten Tomatoes gives it a score of 96%.

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