Friday, October 26, 2012

Early Voting

There didn't seem to me to be as many candidate signs as usual when The Daughter and I went to vote the other day, but what was striking to me was the absence of any Obama signs. Nary a one did I see. What's with that?

There was a long line, which I hadn't expected, but at least it didn't stretch out of the building. The entire process took about half an hour, which wasn't bad.

The woman behind us told The Daughter she looked too young to vote. The Daughter said, "That's what they told me last time." I wish strangers could make casual conversation without critiquing your personal appearance. We tend to think of things we can't say in response. Because, really, how do you respond to that? It's ok for that woman to say how young The Daughter looks, but if The Daughter responds with a comment on how old that woman looks... well, I know how that would've turned out. She's about ready to start responding to comments on how thin she is with comments on how fat they are. Comments about how fat someone is are rude, though, right? But comments about how thin someone is are ok? How is that ok?

I surely did get sidetracked.

To get back to the signs (or lack of them) at Early Voting: I thought I'd pick up a couple of signs and place them myself. I couldn't find an Obama headquarters here. There's a Cohen headquarters. Maybe they would have Obama signs. I think since Tennessee is lost to Obama, and our votes don't matter, it's not worth it to them to bother with things like campaign signs. I think that's so sad.

Maybe I should've voted for Jill Stein.


  1. I read a short sci-fi story years ago where the polling had gotten so effective the each election one person was chosen as the perfect elector and cast the lone vote.

    Small talk is funny I bet the women thought she was being complimentary to your daughter.

    1. i remember that story! i remember the guy was to be provided relocation and protection for life after the election.

      yes, they always mean to be complimentary. i went through the same thing when i was her age, and it's unpleasant. they say, "you'll appreciate it when you're older," but it just doesn't work that way. it's not so much that she looks _that_ young as that they've forgotten what 20-something looks like. they impose their expectations on her and then tell her about it. icky.

  2. People used to think I was pregnant when wearing jumpers. I finally got tired of it so this is what I said as I pretended to cry "I just lost my baby.". I am sorry for rudeness to ur daughter.

    I am happy we get to vote early.

    1. one of the last times someone criticized her for how thin she was she put on her best sad face and said it was because of her illness. they turned and fled. i would've thought they might've offered her a little sympathy since they were the one who brought it up. no.

      (The Daughter is healthy, btw)