Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cemetery Man

Cemetery Man is a 1994 Italian horror/comedy film. The titular character is looking for love but occupied with the care of the town cemetery and defending the town against zombies. He's very matter-of-fact about it all. I just am not impressed with this one; neither funny nor scary nor even interesting, I'm not finishing it.


Stomp Tokyo says, "there are some wonderful visual images on display in Cemetery Man. Almost enough for us to recommend this film" but closes with this:
If you can appreciate a posturing, gun-toting good guy who fights flesh-eating zombies and you can tolerate the occasional surrealist plot-twist so long as people continue to get blown away, you're probably going to love this film. If you expect stories to make sense, then you're probably going to hate it.
Scary Film Review says, "Whether you see this film as a comedic horror movie or a more satire filled story, you'll enjoy it if you're a fan of the genre." DVD Journal says, "Martin Scorsese called it the best movie of the year". Rotten Tomatoes gives it a score of 63%.

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