Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cancer... There's Hope

In the local Cancer Survivors Park there is a large sculpture installation. It's of multiple figures moving forward through a series of openings, and it's named "Cancer...There's Hope". This is the last completed work of Victor Salmones.

This website states that the foundation that funds the parks requires placement of this sculpture in a prominent location, and i guess -for a million bucks- they can put the sculpture where they want it. This one is placed so that the trail goes around it, and you can see the sculpture from all sides as you enjoy the flowers. The flowers were my reason for walking the trail.


  1. I drive by this park on the way to my step grandma's home. I need to stop some time and walk it especially if u say it has beautiful flowers. I love flowers.

    I am amazed at ur knowledge of all the horror movies. Wow!!! Unfortunately, I only have time for thrillers/mysteries/documentaries. I watch a few horror movies but I would scare myself to death all the time if I watched them. I have an overactive imagination as it is. But I'm impressed with all the information that u put out on your blog.

    P.S. I have taken down my blog. I have too much information out there and plus I have so many obligations I need to attend too. I wanted u to know so that u didn't think that I had excluded u from my blogspot. I just put it to readers only but I'm the only reader and I'm not blogging at the moment.

    1. right now there are some yellow flowers at this park that i can see from the street. it changes over time. they try to maintain an informal wildflower-type display along the path.

      my horror movie watching started with the old classics like lugosi's dracula, the lon chaney wolfman, the karloff frankenstein, creature from the black lagoon, the original king kong... those are more what i would call "monster movies" than what today's horror films are like.

      my elder son introduced me to modern horror several years ago, and i like some of those. i don't care for the ones that are heavy on the slicing/dicing gore, but i'm open to trying them. some of the films are quite thought-provoking, dealing with issues of identity and human nature. not all of them are scary.

      i only focus on this in october. i've found it a worthwhile hobby. but then i don't work, and caring for mother doesn't take much time right now, so i have much more free time than you. everybody needs a hobby, or so they say. books and movies are mine. and now maybe bike-riding ;)

      i understand about your blog. i don't post much of a personal nature on mine. i don't publish my name or much of an identifying nature, but i imagine i could be outed if anybody thought it worthwhile. not many people read this blog, and i mainly use it to keep track of books, movies and memphis stuff i do and to interact with anybody who is interested. please keep commenting here anytime. i've enjoyed getting to know you and will miss reading your reflections on your blog

  2. I love what u said "...the films are quite thought-provoking, dealing with issues of identity and human nature..." Those words in itself want to make me watch some. For I love "thought provoking "anything" movies, books, articles, lecture, people.

    I hope that I have more time now to attend to evening classes and after this week will occasionally fill in at the Coffeehouse. Working one job will seem like a vacation. I want to spend more time with Buttons. He is in his last years. And he is still quite with it mentally and physically he tires after 20 to 30 minutes. But I enjoy his company immensely.

    I want to purchase my bike as well and ride too.

    We live in a fabulous place with lots of interesting things to do. I have taken down ur suggestions and hope now I will have time to visit places like the Botanical Garden and all the lovely parks u have mentioned.

    Life is short. I certainly aim to make the most of mine on Earth while I can.

    Mystery of whom we are sometimes itself is intriguing and interesting. And should probably remain that way. I kind of like it that I have this friend (you) walking among Memphis along with me. We never know if we are in the same location at the same time. Seeing as we seem to frequent the same restaurants. I like it.

    I just got to personal in my blog. And had watched a few thrillers on Netflix and then had some visitors that seemed a wee bit worrisome. My concern for Buttons' welfare came to my mind. And I said take it down. I have u, Memphis Steve and Cocaine Princess. All very different bloggers whom I enjoy immensely. I would rather have quality time with bloggers and quantity amount of bloggers whom don't really care one way or the other about me.

    Thank u for saying that u will miss my reflections on my blog. If ok, I will share on ur comments at times. Have a blessed day.

    1. "If ok, I will share on ur comments at times."

      yes, please. anytime :)