Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bike, Day 3

Ok, so I'm a wimp and am not going to re-learn to ride a bike in the rain.

But I did come to the realization that my shoe wardrobe is sorely lacking for biking purposes. I've never been much of a shoe person, and I don't have many pairs. Of the shoes I do have most are slip-ons, clogs, flip-flops and the like -totally unsuitable for bike riding. I have one venerable pair of New Balance running shoes and a pair of black leather ballet flats that would work. Hmmm...

Now I have these:

thanks to a trip to Plato's Closet with The Daughter.


  1. I'm not generally squeamish but something about used shoes doesn't sit right with me.

    1. yes, it is a delicate task. discrimination is called for. this particular store does show some sense in what they sell. i've actually found a couple of pairs of clogs at the goodwill store, but that's rare. usually used shoes are a bit too "used" to be usable for me.

  2. Wow I'm impressed. I only have three pairs. White tennis shoes, black Mary Janes and flip flops. I not a normal girl what can I say. I don't shop a lot.

    1. yes, shoes are not my thing. there's a scene in the tv show leverage where this exchange takes place between 2 of the female characters:

      Parker: What is it with women and shoes?
      Sophie: There's something wrong with you.

      i agree with parker. lol. but slides and clogs are not safe for me to bike in, and these shoes were there, cheap and in my size. i'm thinking it'll be a long time before i get more shoes.