Monday, October 01, 2012

Voice (2005)

Voice is a 2005 South Korean horror movie, a ghost story that is one of the Whispering Corridor films. I've been meaning to watch this for some time but was waiting for a chance to watch it with The Family. I know The Husband doesn't care for horror films, but I know he'll watch them with me if there's not much gore; but now I've found out The Younger Son avoids ghost stories (how'd I not know that?). I watched it alone this morning. Stunning film. It's one that'll definitely bear re-viewing, and I look forward to seeing it again. It takes place in a South Korean girls' school and begins with the mysterious disappearance of the top singer of the students. The girl's best friend can hear her voice, and together they explore what has happened.


Horror Movie A Day was disappointed in the slow pace but says,
It’s nice to have a horror film where the characters’ actions, relationships, and other more personal attributes have a direct link with the horror part of the story, instead of “I’m a reporter and I want to know why this ghost is here” or whatever.
Love HK Film doesn't much like the ending but has a positive overall review, including this:
Tonally, the film begins as a detective story that just so happens to have supernatural elements. One of the strong points of the film is its focus on character, as Voice explores the friendship between Young-Eon and Sun-Min just as much as it does the overarching mystery.
Black Hole Reviews says, "Voice succeeds admirably as a ghost story, a mystery, and almost a slasher... with the added slant of having the ghost take centre stage."

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