Monday, October 22, 2012

The Dead

The Dead is a 2010 zombie movie set in Africa where a plague of unknown origin causes the dead to come back and attack the living. There's not much on the Wikipedia entry, but there's an official website here. We were impressed with this film. It is a character-driven road film and has an unusual setting for a zombie movie. I can't remember the last zombie movie I saw where the dry heat of the African savannah played a major role.

You can watch it online at this link. Here's a trailer:

Moria says,
it is not a film that aims for hard-hitting, gore-drenched battles to the death with the zombies, rather it is one that is concentrated on its characters and location.
Fangoria says,
The authenticity of the settings and the background players is THE DEAD’s greatest asset, establishing an overwhelming sense of a place where danger might well be lurking everywhere even if the dead weren’t coming back to life, and where there are so many of them that there’s no place to run even in the midst of wide open spaces. No night of the living dead, this story takes place under the bright, oppressive sun—which makes it all the more noteworthy that the prosthetic and digital gore FX come off so well. For this budget—or any budget, actually—the physical and CG gags are outstanding
The Guardian concludes
The low-budget zombie movie market may have long since reached saturation point, but this one displays some talent, style, intelligence and imagination, proving that in the right hands there's still plenty of life in the genre yet.
Slant Magazine sees more "message" from the directors than I do, and they see too much to suit them. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 71%.

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