Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Madhouse is a 1974 Vincent Price/Peter Cushing film. Barry Dennen (Pilate in Jesus Christ Superstar and the voice of the whimpering Chamberlain in The Dark Crystal) is one of the victims. Adrienne Corri (from The River, Doctor Zhivago, Quo Vadis, a Tom Baker Doctor Who episode, A Clockwork Orange, and with Alec Guinness and Ralph Richardon in David Lean's Twelfth Night -at 81 years old she has had a long and varied career) is also in this.

This is a delight. Price and Cushing have great scenes and great scenes together.

Moria says,
The film’s greatest distinction is probably its featuring of horror icons Price and Cushing both of whom rise to audience expectations. Its one other distinction is its willingness to use the horror genre recursively – i.e. it being a horror film set around horror films.
Apocalypse Later Film says, "Don't watch this for quality, watch it for the people involved, especially Adrienne Corri". DVD Talk calls it "Underwritten and badly plotted".

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