Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bike, Day 2

Hooray! Progress! I'm pleased to see that I can improve. Today I went further in less time and had less trouble. I had an easier time making corners, I crossed a couple of side streets using driveway cuts, I talked to 2 people without losing my balance, the kids at the school I passed didn't point and laugh, and I'm not the least bit sore.

I have learned why bikes are usually stored outside. I'd never given any thought to bike storage before, but I can see I need to. Mud is not a carpet-friendly material. Not that my carpet is anything to write home about, but still... It'll be so much easier for me if I can come and go through the front door and store the bike beside the door. I'm seeing a lot of options online. Who knew there were so many ways to store bicycles?

Maybe this one from

It gets decent reviews.


  1. U got a bike. Hooray!!! I remember u talking about getting a bike helmet. What does it look like? I think bike riding is so much fun. I am rethinking what kind of bike to buy. I may still go for the tricycle. I think Buttons will have a blast riding in a bike in a basket. However, I am concerned about him jumping out so I may have to get one of those net things to protect him. He gets highly excited when he sees people and especially other pets.

    StormyDawn and Buttons

    1. i don't have anything yet except the bike. no helmet or lights or basket or.... i need to get those soon.