Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Happy Leon Day!

Leon Day (that's "Noel" spelled backwards) is the midpoint in the year between one Christmas and the next. We're halfway there, folks, so if you want to give frugal/handmade presents it's time to start planning and preparing. If you need help getting in the mood, have a cup of hot spiced tea in a Santa mug and listen to some Christmas music:

I suggest propagating one of your favorite plants for those near and dear to you. Root a pothos or lavender cutting; divide your peace lily or mother-in-law tongue. Be on the look out for pots on clearance. You'll feel so proud of yourself come November when the stress of shopping is overwhelming those around you and you're all done with thoughtful handmade gifts ready.

I'm linking this post to Bleubeard and Elizabeth's weekly T Stands for Tuesday blogger gathering.


ATCs (with the inspiration prompt listed before each one):


Random (not from a prompt):

I wish I had noticed that my scan of this one cut off the "s" in "appears". I'm not fixin' it now, though, and you'll just hafta take my word for it that it's on the actual card.



Leaf or Petal:


Words to Live By:




Most important lesson learned this week: If I'm going to use texture paste, I think I need to use a stronger substrate than index card.


  1. I'm all in for Leon Day ... I've started to make some of my Christmas cards since I'm so slow at stamping & such. You've some great art today, some very inspiring thoughts that go with them.

  2. I don't want to think about Christmas. Winter just ended last week for us! Partial to the cardinal ATC with or without the "s". Happy T Day!

  3. I smiled about it being midway to Christmas and your hot spiced tea sounds so yummy! Such a beautiful array of ATCs, I love them all and the hot summer owl, c, and red cardinal ones caught my eye this week 😁. Thanks for the inspiration and wishing you a very happy T Tuesday! Hugs, Jo x

  4. Anonymous7:15 AM

    So as not to get your hopes up -- I'm not hand-making any Christmas gifts this year...
    I love the Moon (C) and, as you might expect, the Wesley quote.
    --A Pal


  5. I love that you're getting us into a Christmas mood early, D. I would love if every day were Christmas and everyone would be nice and happy all the time. l
    Great ATCs again. I love wonderful, the cardinal and hot summer. We're having one of those. We should be well into our rainy season by now; but the heat lingers.

    I use texture paste on the very thin paper of my planned journal. It's almost tissue paper thin. But I have a few layers of (plastic-like) gel medium and acrylic paint down first. The paper is then strong and rubbery.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

    1. Thanks for this advice. I'll try that next time with acrylic paint. I don't have any gel medium, but I read a lot about it on people's blogs and have added it to my wish-list :)

  6. Oh my...don't even talk about Christmas yet. I can't think about it. I enjoyed your ATCs
    Happy T day!

  7. Happy Leon Day! I am so enjoying the music while I read your post. Thank you! Happy T Day!

  8. Out of frustration, I am at my neighbor’s house across the street using her computer. I told her I would be brief and leave this quick message. I have been without electricity AGAIN, this time for over 18 hours. I can’t ask my foodie friend Sally, because she lives on the same side of my street and her electricity is out, too. I will be by to visit once my electricity has returned, but for now, please be assured, I would be sharing a drink with you right now, if I could. Thanks for understanding.

  9. back to say thank you for the YT link you left in a comment to me earlier. That is the Lois Smith I was looking for:)

    1. It was fun to find her and know you had heard her in person :)

  10. Great set of ATCs again. You're always creative every week. I like finding out that we're half way to Christmas. Good suggestion to start working on gifts now, so that when the shopping crunch comes, one can already be done. Happy T-Day!

    With regard to Prometheus, you're right that it did fill in some of the blanks for Alien, but it didn't explain everything. I thought the sequel to it (Alien: Covenant) would, but it was just plain an awful movie that was a waste of time to watch. (I read recently that they are making a sequel to that movie, which will be another prequel to Alien. I'm not sure I'm willing to invest any more time in the series, though.)

    With regard to the rock circle labyrinth at the beach that I went to: I didn't make it. People have been adding to it over time, and it was getting bigger and bigger. But this time, the front part of it (closer to the shore) was gone, so I don't know if a heavy surf from a storm dislodged the rocks, or if someone removed them. I enjoy the meditative process of walking a labyrinth.

    1. I'm done with the alien/predator series unless I'm literally sitting in front of the tv when somebody else puts it in lol I'm a bit tired -well, a _lot_ tired- of prequels/sequels/remakes and just wish they'd put creativity into gear and make something different. I found Good Omens delightful, for example.

      We have a labyrinth at a local park, but it's special to have one like that made over time by people adding to it.

  11. Half way through the year is a scRY Thought time sure doesn't stand still.
    aaayour ATC's look fantastic.
    Happy T day wishes.

  12. This was a fun post, I was not familiar with the half way point before Christmas-but then Hallmark runs Christmas movies one night a week now lol
    You have been busy with the atc's love them!!
    Happy T wishes Kathy

  13. I don't think I can do the Christmas music yet. But I like the idea of being prepared. I have lots of plants and would love to propagate to give as gifts but I would be so sad if the person I gave them to killed them after all that work. Maybe I will try it anyway. Thanks for the idea.
    Wonderful ATC's.
    Happy Tea Day,

  14. Happy T-Day and happy Leon Noel reminder day! Aweome array of creative and artsy ATCs! Wow!

  15. OMG, "leon"... means the days are becoming shorter already... that always gives me a little mental depression... and that inmidst a sahara heatwave that we have here;) have a great week! ♥

  16. Where has the first half of the year gone! I have made a good start on my Christmas cards by joining the challenge on Splitcoaststampers.
    A lovely set of ATCs and the words too
    happy T day plus one
    Jan x

  17. Haven't heard of that one! Happy Leon day to you too. Love your collection of ATCs.