Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Other Peanut Shoppe

There's a Peanut Shoppe downtown that has a long and storied past, but there's another one, which has also been around quite a while. The daughter and I went to the Peanut Shoppe on Summer Avenue earlier this summer. This one has been around since 1959, and I remember going there when I was little. This time I got popcorn:

The Daughter got cashews enough for her and The Husband, who didn't get to come on this excursion. I guess the ice cream will have to wait. The ice cream side of the building has a nice patio for those hot summer days.

Yelp has only 2 reviews, but they are both 4 out of 5 star ratings.


  1. And just think. They serve real snow, even in summer (grin).

    1. I should ask them about that real snow.... lol