Sunday, August 17, 2014

"Please Help"

said the poor little parking meter, abandoned on the street.

The Daughter and I saw it on Main Street in downtown Memphis one afternoon. It had been cast aside in favor of newer, fancier meters that can accept credit cards. Alas! Poor parking meter, going from gainful employment to a life of begging by the roadside. Oh, wait. Isn't begging by the roadside what parking meters do? Never mind. I no longer have any sympathy for the parking meter.


  1. Do you honestly believe the donations from that parking meter will actually reach the homeless? It's clever, though the way the meter has been reworked.

    I never park where there's a meter, so when Sally did downtown one day that I was with her, I was shocked that she paid by credit card. Just another way for "Big Brother" to keep tabs on us. So, it goes without saying, I also share your disdain for those pesky meters.

    1. No, this really is just an old meter that's being replaced. It was by the side of the road & just hadn't been hauled off yet.

      At least I'll be able to use a meter now without weighing myself down with change. My purse is too heavy without that lol