Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Montgomery Bell State Park Spillway Trail

This trail was a part of a family vacation. The Husband opted out of this particular trail (we didn't want to push too much hot, physical activity during the closing weeks of his chemotherapy treatments), but The Younger Son and I enjoyed it. He forged ahead while I lingered over photo-taking opportunities:

The trail was along a flowing stream almost all the way.

The weather was pleasant with highs in the 80s F, and even more pleasant walking beside this water in the shady woods.

There were fish (in the photo below) and frogs and butterflies and birds.

The spillway wasn't even the end of the trail.

After the spillway we saw the dam and the other side of the dam:

and all kinds of little trails leading down to the water above the spillway where folks were fishing from the bank.

We found the site of an old Bath House:

I have no idea why someone had left a microphone at the old bath house site:

This was a fun trail.


  1. What a beautiful area and lovely walk. It's always puzzling what others leave behind and why. But I sure enjoyed seeing the entire trail, right to the dam and spillway.

    1. We did check to see if it was hooked up to anything. No. Odd. Glad you liked the trail :)