Sunday, August 24, 2014

300 (film)

300. Ah, 300. I had seen this film before, of course, but it's just such great fun watching all these nearly-naked warriors battle those whatever-they-are. I'll skip the sequel unless somebody puts in the DVD while I'm sitting here anyway.

In honor of the film, I share this "It's Raining 300 Men" tribute:

"We're in for one wild night."
ah oo! ah oo! ah oo!

or, if you just can't get enough, here's the full version:

lyrics excerpt:
It's raining men
It's raining men

I'm gonna go out
I'm gonna let myself get
Absolutely soaking wet

It's raining men
It's raining men
Every specimen

Tall, blonde, dark, and lean
Rough, and tough, and strong, and mean


  1. LOL! That is one of my favourite songs. However, I found that film terribly boring, while on paper it was right up my alley. So much that I bought it...

    1. There's not actually much to that film except for nearly-naked men posturing. I think the music video is better lol