Friday, May 24, 2013

The Kid

The Kid, also known as Kid Cheung and My Son A-Chang is a 1950 Bruce Lee film, one of his first. 10-year-old Lee stars with his father in this story based on a comic book character.

I can't find a version online with English subtitles. Significant only for Bruce Lee's presence, the broad strokes of the story are easy enough to follow without subtitles for the chance to see him as a child. I saw enough to satisfy myself of Lee's cuteness but didn't watch the entire film.

clip via youtube:

Love HK Film says, "The story essentially boils down to a morality tale about taking responsibility for your life, leaving a life of crime behind, and getting a real job to become a useful person in society. It’s a message that hasn’t gone out of style".


  1. Wow, the account was terminated, so I didn't get to watch it.

  2. bummer, but thanks for letting me know. i couldn't find it elsewhere, but I embedded an 8-minute clip instead. still no subtitles.