Thursday, May 23, 2013


The Daughter and I went to Flashback the other day. They always have wonderful things, but I was looking for a cup and saucer this time and didn't see anything I wanted. The last time I was there I bought this purse:

It's the perfect go-to-church purse.


  1. Better luck next time. Love the purse.

  2. What a fun name for the store. Wish you could have found a cup and saucer. I know at some point, we would have seen it for Tea Tuesday (grin).

  3. i could've had a cup and saucer if i'd been willing to buy a vintage set of dishes for full price. that wasn't in my plan ;) i think i need to go back to the antique malls to get my cup and saucer fix. and tea tuesday gives me such a perfect excuse for indulging my whim :)