Sunday, May 12, 2013

Robins' Nest

I've been keeping my eye on this nest. It was already built with sweet little blue eggs in it when I first saw it. Then I saw Mrs. Robin bringing a worm to the babies. Then on another day, I saw both adults hovering protectively nearby. Although I didn't see the babies, I knew they must've been on the ground somewhere, learning to fly.

That was not the case.

On another day soon afterwards, I saw the nest, with no parents anywhere around, and the poor little birds dead in the nest. That was a sad, sad day. I can't imagine what happened.


  1. We had a robin's nest at eye level just outside our back door several years ago. we could walk out and watch as they hatched. as far as we could tell all of them flew away except one who crash landed learning to fly.

  2. my husband had a robins' nest outside the door at his work. he saw them learn to fly one day, so they made it. i can't imagine what happened to these. the nest was abandoned about the time others around were learning to fly. i wonder if something happened to the parents.

  3. Nesting time leaves the birds particularly vulnerable especially if there are cats in the neighborhood.