Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memphis in May: Nobel Prize Exhibit

The Daughter and I went to the library to see the Nobel Prize exhibit. It was much smaller than we expected, just 2 small cases. One had a table setting used at the dinner, and the other had a replica prize and a picture of a Memphian who had won one once.

Ah, well, not every exhibit can be an extensive collection of priceless artifacts taking 4 hours to tour. It was interesting to see the place setting. I had never given that part of the thing any thought at all.

Afterwards we went to the 2nd-hand book shop on the other side of the entryway. That always goes well.


  1. I love second hand book stores and used book sales in general, you never know what you may find.

  2. Every year the Nobel Prize festivities are live on Swedish television (and broadcast in a bunch of other countries as well, I believe). There is a team of flushed journalists, awkward in gowns and tailcoats, reporting on everything from the laureates´ achievements, their families, what they had for breakfast, the gowns (think Oscar night) the flower arrangements (Nobel was very particular about that in his will), the menu, the china, the seating arrangement, the dancing, etc. It´s all incredibly fancy, and lots of people all over the country arrange their own fancy dinners while watching the show.

    I once applied for a job in Stockholm City Hall, and came for the interview as they were preparing for the dinner. I think I took the job mainly for the glamour of it all! I actually worked just a few doors down from the man who is now prime minister of Sweden (not that *he* would remember, LOL!)

  3. bob, i know i'll find treasures, that's what i'll find! lol

    viktoria, i knew there were speeches and a dinner. i had no idea that specific dinnerware was used or that the flowers had to be a certain way. i notice who won the prize for literature and bemoan the winning of it by any poet ;) and i notice if there are any winners from my general region. working in the midst of all the excitement sounds like great fun!