Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Second Breakfast

The Husband made blueberry muffins for breakfast, but I'd already eaten a bowl of cereal. A couple of hours after breakfast, I had one of the muffins for 2nd breakfast. Those Hobbits have a great idea there!

The Dunkin' Donuts coffee was recommended to us by The Daughter. We don't care for it. It's "dark" but was pretty tasteless. I made a 2nd pot much stronger -and we could tell it was stronger- but it was still tasteless. We'll give the rest of this bag to her since we already know she likes it.

The cup is one I bought marked down to almost nothing at a Hallmark shop up on Summer that closed years ago. I drink out of this cup and saucer during the Spring and Summer seasons. It's got a sweet surprise when the coffee's gone:

The bottom of the saucer says, "Hallmark Nature's Sketchbook". The bottom of the cup says, "Marjolein Bastin". This pattern is no longer made, but there's one for sale at Amazon.com.


  1. My friend Sally loves Dunkin Donut coffee, but I've never had it. I thought it sounded too LIGHT for me, since I'm a french or espresso roast kind of gal. The darker the better. Sorry you didn't like the coffee, but it's good you had someone you could give it to. I'd have to drink MY mistakes (grin). Happy Tea Tuesday and thanks for joining in.

  2. Actually, I just now looked closely at the package. I've never seen dark before. The only kind I've seen is Dunkin Donut Breakfast Blend. Sorry to mislead you with the "too light" claim.

  3. Looks like that saucer has a "knobbly" pattern. I just inherited some green majolica plates like leaves and I do love them. They 're not that practical as plates and in a way better as saucers to rest something on, with a little space for the base of the cup.
    I like to grind coffee beans although I don't suppose it makes the coffee taste any better really :)

  4. Bleubeard and Elizabeth, well it _says_ it's dark lol. it's not full-bodied, though. not at all. it tastes watery no matter how much coffee i used. i need to ask how my daughter makes it. maybe there's a trick to this one.

    jenny, yes, it is a knobbly pattern. it works well for a cup and saucer, but i can see where it might not be as good an idea for a plate.

    i have a manual coffee grinder and an electric one around here but haven't used them in years. i could never get a consistent grind. i would think it would make a difference if i could do it right.