Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jasmine Tea

The Daughter and I went to the Chinese grocery recently. I was looking for good green tea bags. She had never been and was curious. She found a few fun things, including a great little glass tea pot with a metal infuser insert. I bought a box of Stassen Pure Jasmine Green Tea.

I don't care for this tea at all. Much too strong a flavor to suit me, and it's nothing like the mild Jasmine tea I've had in Chinese restaurants. I'll give the rest of the box to The Daughter. Maybe she'll like it.

I've had this cup for years. There are no markings on the bottom, and I can't remember where I got it.


  1. we used to go to this Asian grocery store in Boston. Man I miss that store. I never knew what we'd find. A shame about this tea. some green teas are way to flavorful for me as well.

  2. I often visit an Asian market in my neighborhood. I love their cream crackers, and have some Jasmine tea I bought there. I don't care for it any more than the Jasmine tea (both loose leaf) I got in Chinatown in Los Angeles a few years ago. I think I bought both for the tins they came in! I prefer something called Jasmine FLOWER tea, which has little white flowers in the tea. That is awesome.

    Please, PLEASE stay safe today, because I'll be watching the weather forecast as these storms come your way.

  3. My wife has a glass pot that you can brew a ball of tea that opens up into a flower. I believr you can get the flowers at Bed,Bath,and Beyond.

  4. tbm, i didn't realize it would be so hard to find a tea like i've had in chinese restaurants. maybe i should ask the restaurant what they use.

    bleubeard and elizabeth, i'll look for jasmine flower tea next time i go. i picked up an ooolong recently, but it's just not quite what i have in mind.

    we had thunder storms, and i encountered a flooded road on my way home from mother's, but no close tornadoes that i've heard of. thx for the good wishes! :)

    bob, i've never heard of such a thing! there's a bed, bath & beyond close to us, though, so i will definitely check that out. sounds like fun :)