Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bella Caffe

Bella Caffe (yes, there's a 2nd "f") is located inside the Pink Palace Museum on the other side of the ticket counter, beyond the gift shop, past the adults riding herd over tables teeming with school children eating bagged lunches. There are a few tables close to the counter that are reserved for Bella Caffe customers, but wading through the milling children and their watchful adult guardians isn't my fondest recollection of this lunch. I waited 'til all the kidlets were gone to take a picture of the entrance. The next time I go I'll wait 'til the kidlets are gone to get there. Nothing against kiddies and their fussy overseers, but noisy children not my own and lunch aren't my favorite combination.

The food, on the other hand was wonderful. I had the Mediterranean chicken salad sandwich, chips and hot chamomile citrus tea. The Husband had ham and cheese, chips and iced tea. We enjoyed our choices. As good as the rest of the menu looks, I think I'll order the exact same thing next time. My sandwich had cranberries in it. So nice! And this Mighty Leaf Chamomile Citrus tea is a delight! I'll be getting a box of this the next time I'm at the store.

You can see their menu here. Note that hot tea when ordered with a sandwich is just $1.50, as opposed to the $2.50 we recently paid for a Bigelow tea bag at another local cafe. Our total here was $16, which is quite reasonable and about half as much as we paid for lunch at that other local cafe. This would be doable as a regular thing, and I'm sure I'll be back.

The Memphis Flyer likes it. Urban Spoon has a 100% score. Yelp just has 1 review, but it's positive.


  1. My friend Sally and I were talking the other day about not liking to sit in restaurants where you couldn't hear the other people at the table due to all the surrounding noise. So I can totally understand. But I confess it's better than if I had to listen to two or three crying babies. Those noises have to be shut out in order for me to think.

    Sounds like the food was quite good, though. And reasonable, too.

    Happy Tea Tuesday.

  2. the food was definitely good, and the kids weren't there all that long after we got our food.

    school groups puzzle me. i'm not sure what good it's doing the kids to be herded past museum exhibits. most of the time the kids look like they can't wait to get past all the exhibits so they can buy something at the gift shop and eat the boxed lunch. i guess at least this way the inside of a museum isn't alien territory to them... i can only hope the classroom flow-up accomplishes more than the actual tour seems to. i think the groups are entirely too large.