Friday, May 17, 2013

Sweden at the Memphis Botanic Garden

Sweden is the country being honored in this year's Memphis in May celebration, and the Botanic Garden is highlighting "a smorgasbord of Swedish-style botanicals".

They also have an art exhibit of photos of Icehotel. Icehotel is fascinating. I think of ice as a fleeting phenomenon and remember with awe the only time I was able to stand on a frozen lake. To have a building and furnishings made from ice that lasts for months? Wow!

Did you know that Sweden is the most socially advanced country?


  1. Wow, it´s always an odd experience to see one´s own country presented abroad. That looks like a lovely exhibition. And I am ashamed to admit that I have never been to the Icehotel, even though it´s only a few hours drive.

    We have a Treehotel, too:

  2. i've never heard of treehotel, but i think i would like it better.

    here's a picture of the memphis in may poster honoring sweden: