Friday, May 03, 2013

Pam Cobb: River Visions

Pam Cobb: River Visions is an exhibition at the Dixon Gallery. These are 3-dimensional works by a local artist. The picture doesn't do them justice. In person they have a glow that doesn't really come through in a photo; and, of course, the carvings don't render well in 2 dimensions. The Dixon says,
River Visions brings together large diptychs and small-scale works influenced by the artist’s ongoing connection to water, notably the Tennessee River.
The artist has a web site here.

The picture at the top of the post is of Carved Series 1, 2012, Acrylic, gold leaf and wood. A postcard of this is available at the Dixon.


  1. I checked out her website - she makes some great art! I particularly liked the Ancestry-series.

  2. yes, i like those, too. some of them are on plexiglass.