Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Coffee with Peet

This cup is one of my favorites. It's a thick china that holds the heat well. "Wallace China, Los Angeles, Calif., Made in U.S.A." is printed on the bottom. I've never seen another cup like it but would love more of this style. This pattern is called "Shadowleaf (Bananaleaves)". The company is no longer in business, and a casual search online didn't yield much information about its history. There are some pieces at Ebay, but I won't use Paypal. *sigh* I do keep an eye out at the antique malls.

The coffee is Peet's Italian Roast, and we love it. I bought it already ground, and the grind is really too fine for the percolator. A coarser grind wouldn't let any loose grounds get into the pot. It hasn't been a problem, but I'll check into a choice of coarseness next time. It's full-bodied and strong but not bitter. One of our favorites. We recently discovered it at Fresh Market at Eastgate shopping center after having it recommended by Darla. I don't see it anywhere else.


  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    I like Peet's coffee.
    Nom nom nom.
    -- A Pal

  2. I have never heard of Peet's coffee, but I like Italian Roast almost as much as French Roast. I grind my own coffee, so I have no idea how to change the grind from the store.

    This is a beautiful mug. Never seen one like it.

  3. Your mug is pretty and looks comfortable to hold too ... I drink coffee on weekend's mostly but you have me wishing for a cup this morning :)

  4. hi, pal, help yourself to the peet's :)

    bleubeard&elizabeth, sometimes the store sells the beans and you can grind them there. i had an electric coffee grinder once -it may still be around here somewhere- but it was really hit or miss, with no real way to tell how fine it was getting. i never did get the hang of it.

    i think the cup was restaurant ware back in the day.

    patty s, i've gotten into the habit of drinking coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon/evening/night. the cup is comfortable to hold. it has a good shape for me and some heft to it, which i like.