Monday, May 27, 2013

On the Silver Globe

On the Silver Globe is a 1987 Polish science fiction film. Ordered destroyed in 1977 by a new communist cultural affairs officer, the 80% of the film that had been completed was saved, eventually being released with additional footage at Cannes in 1988. The history of the making of the movie is fascinating to me and worth seeing for that alone, but the film didn't do much for me as entertainment. It seemed overwrought to me.

The story involves a group of astronauts who escape Earth to seek freedom on another planet. They find a suitable planet to settle on, but freedom is more elusive.

Embedding at youtube is disabled, but you can watch it at this youtube link.

Slant Magazine says,
The effect is nothing less than haunting. The literal plot of the movie, having to do with a group of space travelers discovering a new planet and building a civilization from scratch, is juxtaposed with documentary footage of the crumbling failed experiment that was communist Poland.
Sci-Fi-O-Rama has some still shots. Rotten Tomatoes has an audience score of 73%.

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