Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Five Bloody Graves

Five Bloody Graves (there is no Wikipedia entry) is an obscure 1970 Western film directed by Al Adamson. What were they thinking? Death (Riding A Pale Horse) keeps our hero company as he rides through the West. Death provides boring narration off and on throughout. "The 5 bloody days have their beginning." The acting is horrific. The music is bizarrely inappropriate. More than 5 people die, so I'm not sure whose graves the title refers to. John Carradine is in this, but he can't save it from its heavy-handed plodding. The scenery is good, but you could just watch a travelogue if that's what you're most interested in.

via Hulu (with commercials):

Stomp Tokyo closes by calling it "an uninspired western that at least tries to to be exploitatively mean-spirited, but it turns out to be a case where the spirit is unwilling and the flesh is weak." Bleeding Skull says, "Graves will put you to sleep. Immediately. Guaranteed." DVD Talk calls it "dull" and says, "Death waxes poetically about how Ben Thompson and Setago are his messengers and how he rides his pale horse beside them. That is a weird and novel touch. And that's the only unique thing going on here." TCM has an overview. Rotten Tomatoes has an audience rating of 71%.

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