Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Pygmalion is a 1938 film based on the play by the same name. This stars Leslie Howard as Professor Higgins. Did you like the movie My Fair Lady? I did. This is better! There's no music in this one, and My Fair Lady is a musical. Since the best thing about My Fair Lady is the music but this is the better film, listen to the My Fair Lady soundtrack any time you like but watch this film.

Film Site has an article. Rotten Tomatoes has a critics score 94%.

Here Miss Doolittle is taking tea in company for the first time:

and I offer that screenshot as my connection with the T Stands for Tuesday blogger gathering, hosted by Bluebeard and Elizabeth. Join us?


ATCs (the inspiration prompt is named above each ATC)

At some point someone asked how many of these I've done, and this week I passed 300. I started numbering them when I first started doing them years ago in response to the swap Elizabeth sponsored. There was a gap of a few years when I didn't do any, but when I got back into it I just started numbering these where I left off.







Blossoms, Butterflies, Bugs:

April showers bring May flowers:

Primary Colors:

Random, not from a prompt:


  1. I love Leslie Howard, but don't remember seeing him in this. Will have to find a bit of time to watch. Another fine batch of ATCs. My favorite is the giant crescent moon over the city. Happy t Day!

  2. Anonymous7:06 AM

    I _love_ May flowers and "...you're despicable!"
    Its been a LONG time sine I saw Pygmalion... thanks for bringing that back up.
    --A Pal

  3. I will definitely have to see Pygmalion as I love My Fair Lady and Leslie Howard.
    My favorite ATC of yours today is faces.
    Happy Tea Day,

  4. Thanks for your earlier visit. You know I do t think I’ve ever watched My Fair Lady as I don’t really like musicals, although we had to watch the Sound of Music every Christmas as it was my sisters favourite film!
    I love your artwork, especially the flowers, the blackbird took me back to school singing morning had broken at morning assembly, funny how just a small thing can’t take you back soooo many years!
    Have a great week
    Jan x

  5. That was a great movie-which I've watched at least a few times over the years:) Fab ATCS! My faves today are Mona Lisa and Bugs Bunny:)
    Thanks for your lovely comment-and if you ever have any? about products feel free to contact me. Happy T day!

  6. Wow, a film I have actually seen as well as heard of. Great ATCs, happy T Day, Valerie

  7. Loved My Fair Lady, one of our favorites. But, I don't believe I had seen the earlier version. I did know that it came from Pygmalion and was a play. Beautiful artwork. Thanks for sharing. Happy T Day!

  8. I've had all kinds of trouble keeping my internet connected today. It always happens when it rains and it has rained here for days on end.

    What a great T post. I've heard of My Fair Lady, but never the older one. Never seen either of them obviously.

    Your ATCs are mesmerizing. I like Spring, Butterflies, Primary Colors, and most of all, Follow the Yellow Brick Road because we have one in KS of course.

    Thanks for sharing the film and your ATCs with us for T this Tuesday. I'm crossing my fingers my internet holds through the end of the day!

  9. Thanks for the memory of the film you shared with us today. It was a good one.
    Your art projects looked fantastic, I think you must be having a super time creating them.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  10. I haven't seen this film but I love My Fair Lady so will add it to my watch list, thank you! Your ATCs are stunning, the little chick on the spring one caught my eye today, so adorable 😀. The humour one made me smile and I'm in love with your pretty blossoms, butterflies and ladybug design too! Wishing you a very Happy T Tuesday! J 😊 x

  11. Pygmalion is a great story. So it the take of My Fair Lady. I don't think you can lose either way. And another week of fabulous ATCs. Wow, I didn't realize how many you have made. I bet it is an amazing collection. Hope it was a great T day. hugs-Erika

  12. "april showers" is my fave atc this week: i definitely had to give the garden a helping hand and water the plants, way too dry here!

  13. Lovely ATCs!
    I remember seeing this version and I enjoyed it because it wasn't a musical. Leslie Howard was such a dreadful soul to begin with--LOL! I think this is my favorite version. :)

  14. I'll have to watch the older film, I do like the musical. Another bunch of amazing ATC's. Over 300 is an amazing amount. I think I've done 50 or fewer over the years.

  15. Thanks for your review of Pygmalion, D. Hubby and I love movies from the 30s & 40s, but I don't think we've watched that one. More than 300? Wow! You've added bunch of lovely new ones to your booming collection this week.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  16. I have seen this version of Pygmalion years ago on TV and I have also seen the play on stage - both were better than My Fair Lady - I love Audrey Hepburn...but not in this film ! Oops! I'm in danger of ranting!!! I love you ATCs - especially 'Spring' Hugs, Chrisx

  17. I have just been made aware that my comments this week have not got through. I don't know why. I'm really sorry.
    Yes, I have seen this film many years ago and perhaps I will watch it again this weekend. I just happened to see the credits and the dresses in the film were designed by Worth and by Sciaparelli. Both well known designers of the day.