Monday, April 22, 2019

Kitchen Still Life

Kitchen Still Life:

by Gustave Van de Woestijne, who died on April 21, 1947. Join us at T Stands for Tuesday with a blog post that includes a beverage. The painting above and one of my ATCs below are my offering.


ATCs (with the prompt that inspired it listed above the card)


Crayon background:

Circles (and Neutral):

Religious and Use gauze to make a background:

Use plastic wrap to make background:

Use salt to make a background (I used salt on a wet black acrylic paint background):


Buttons and Bows (I'd probably have better luck photographing the card than scanning it when part of it stands up so much higher than the rest):

Maps and Plans:


Random, without a prompt:


  1. I don't know where to begin, dear. First, I was really impressed with this painting by an artist I had never heard of. It's amazing how informal a "kitchen" still life is over, say a dining or drawing room still life. Regardless, it's beautiful and great for T this week, too.

    As for your ATCs, in no particular order, Major Tom, There's More, Mood, Animal, and of course Time for Tea. Thanks for these gems. You are turning into a genuine ATC artist, dear. Thanks for sharing these and Van de Woestijne's still life with us for T this week.

  2. I am very impressed with your ATC's. They get better every week. You've found some great images! And use them quite interestingly. And once again a nice T day painting, and once again, but a new artist for me. happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  3. So impressed with how beautifully you interpret so many varied prompts! Don't think I could do this so well. Beautiful artist and painting. Happy T day!

  4. another great collection of atc's I love seeing them-Happy T Kathy

  5. Love the painting, I made rhubarb yesterday, too. Great ATCs. Happy T day, Valerie

  6. it´s so nice to see how much joy you have making these atcs! you´re on a roll, girl... go on! happy t-day:)

  7. The painting "Still Life Kitchen" reminded me of a Passover Seder meal & the rhubarb definitely reminded me of Spring. In your Circles creation I immediately thought Oreo cookies :)

  8. That kitchen is too clean. :-D another great crop of ATCs. My favorite is explore the edges. The lace looks like waves lapping the beach. Happy T Day

  9. The still life is beautiful! I love the coffee pot 😁. It looks like you've been busy creating ATCs this week with all the different designs! The cling background looks amazing with the blue colour palette, I haven't done this technique for a while so may have to give it a go 😉. Thanks for the inspiration and wishing you a Happy T Tuesday! J 😊 x

  10. Hi, at last managed to copy and paste, always hard work on an iPad, love the painting you’ve used for your T day p, you have really been hard at work with all your art work, I started one last week, enjoyed splashing paint around but just couldn’t figure out how to finish it, story of my art !
    Have a great week, it’s raining again here, oh joy
    Jan x

  11. Wonderful painting for us to enjoy. I look forward to your ATC's on Tuesdays now. I like them all. I see you even created one with Tea :-) I'm wondering how large your collection is now.

  12. More wonderful ATCs, D. I love a lot o the phrases you used as well as our interpretation. I love "This space could be yours" and it's perfect for Earth Day. Also love "Grow" and, of course, the tea card ;-) Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  13. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Beautiful still life!--A Pal
    I like the ATCs, and am partial to chocolate...
    --A Pal

  14. That's a beautiful still life, and your ATC art is fabulous! I like them all.

  15. Wow-- I like your creative ATCs so much ! AWESOME !
    Happy T-Day!
    Susi xxx

  16. You always create a lovely assortment of artwork each week. I especially liked the cross (because of Easter) and the astronaut was great too. The "I see chocolates" was a clever idea. Happy T-Day!

  17. Fabulous ATC's, all so interesting, I loved the one with the cuppa.
    Happy T day wishes.
    YVonne xx

  18. This time a Flemish painter. his surname means 'of the desert'. I prefer his work with people in it. But of course the still life is perfect for T-Day.
    Again a huge selection of ATCs. I smiled at Major Tom and started humming the song.
    Happy T-Day,

    1. I didn't know that about his name. Cool! I didn't see much online about him. I looked for a video with biographical info in English but struck out.

  19. A beautiful painting. I love the lines of that tea pot.
    And a very interesting set of ATC's. I love the one with the map.
    Happy Tea day,