Tuesday, December 19, 2017


The Becoming Minimalist website offers links to other sites that also highlight simplicity and minimalism and says:
So fix yourself a nice warm cup of coffee or tea. Find a quiet moment .... And enjoy some encouraging words to inspire more simplicity in your life today.
Those are secular sites, but as a Christian I find myself during this Advent season looking at the way the Advent and Christmas seasons have become the time of the year when buying is at its height and when wanting more and more is encouraged. Let's reconsider that, shall we?

Catholic Mommy Blogs says, "I’ve been thinking about how Jesus came into the world that first Christmas – as a small infant, born in a stable. In poverty and simplicity" and has four suggestions. The Art of Simple has a page on Advent that offers easy ways to separate Advent (that period before Christmas) from Christmas itself, including an Advent playlist on Spotify. Nourishing Simplicity suggests six ways to be intentional in our preparations for Christmas, saying, "Intentional celebration does not mean adding all you can to your month. Often it means simplifying and cutting back."

Advent Conspiracy has a 2-minute video on consumerism during the season:

that suggests we spend less money on stuff and more time on relationships and says, "slow down and experience a Christmas worth remembering."

I'll not be eliminating Christmas buying and I'll be giving some gifts, but I'm conscious of my spending in every season and am ever more willing to pare down and cut back on the stuff. I have enough and more than enough. Accumulating even more at this stage in my life is a bad idea for many reasons.

So I'll listen to some Advent music, drink a cup of spice tea, and enjoy my tree.

First, though, I had to make the spice tea. Here are my ingredients:

and the jar my daughter decorated as a child that I fill for her every year:

You can see my recipe here.

Please join me in a cup:

and I'll invite you to take your cup over to Bleubeard and Elizabeth's weekly blog gathering.


  1. a meaningful (and well made!) Video... i´m not a Christmas shopper any more. right, we have all we Need, more than that. time together is the most important on These days. have a happy time!!

  2. thank you-that was such a well done video! My hubby and I keep trying(key word) to cut the ridiculous exchanging of money or gift cards just for the sake of exchanging but man, family can be really tough;) Enjoy your spice tea and some soothing Christmas simplicity. Happy T day and a Merry Christmas too!

  3. well that was strange I just wrote a long comment and poof got an error message sigh will be back later

    1. sorry about that I remember your tea mix from my camping days with my family when a child-very good and Mom always had it around for tea-she thought it was easier than tea bags and it tasted really good too.
      I so agree with Christmas just being way way too commercial-I don't take part in any of it-we never really have-we buy spontaneous gifts never for Holidays-for us more special and more meaningful. it has always been just the two of us so we have not gotten involved in the trading of gifts. I totally stay away from stores except for food items. I have seen over and over a tv commercial by Kohl"s store that for me is just sick--they show one side of people giving lots of gifts to another side of people that just receive gifts--and it ends by saying basicly spend money give lots of gifts and the Kohl's will reward you with free cash-I just shake my head and cringe when ever this comes on.
      anyways hoping you have Merry Christmas Happy T Day oh and yes since we live rural and are on propane I no longer use my oven just for baking potatoes or sweet potatoes any more, and the micorwave ruins the sweet potatoes-so the steaming method is really really nice Kathy

  4. Here's wishing you a simply meaningful Christmas. Enjoy your tea and the simple pleasures of life. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. It's at times like this, I am glad I have no blood relatives and my cats aren't choosy. In fact, Bleubeard has received the same new cat collar every year in his stocking for three years. He'll get a new one when the old one wears out. I totally agree with the idea conveyed by this video. And yes, I make all my gifts, except for a couple I buy for friends who aren't into my art.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely Christmas mug, your great and thought provoking video, and your spice tea recipe with us for T this Tuesday. And have a lovely Christmas, too, even though I'm sure I'll be back before then!

  6. I agree about Christmas going commercial, it happens here as well starting in October in some of our large stores, so I am pleased I live in a rural area.
    It is good to remember the true meaning of Christmas.
    Happy T day and Holiday wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  7. It's such a shame that the true meaning of Christmas is often forgotten these days. Your spiced tea sounds delicious and drinking it from your candy striped mug whilst enjoying the view of your tree sounds perfect to me 😁. Wishing you a Happy T Tuesday and Happy Holidays! J 😊

  8. It's so hard to get extended family members on board with no gifts. I tried years ago, but got called a Scrooge. Honestly, what can they buy me that I can't buy myself and vice versa.? Just enjoying someone's company at the holidays (or any day) should be enough without the added stress and expense of gifts. Climbing off my soapbox.

    I would really like your spiced tea recipe.

  9. I love your thoughts about Christmas. I am always conscious of what we spend as well but I do enjoy giving at Christmas! I love having an excuse to share appreciation for those that 'do' for us throughout the year. But as I get older I am certainly of the mindset that I want to enjoy my time with family instead of stressing over meeting expectations.
    I am off to look at your recipe as it sounds delicious!
    Merry CHRISTmas~

  10. I have some spice tea in the pantry. A little different recipe but tang and lipton tea, etc. Recipe was from the late 1960s that my mom got from a neighbor.

    I only buy for the grandkids. If I had a little more to spend I would get something for Dagan and Leah, but they understand. Christmas isn't about how much you spend. :) :)

  11. Divers what an interesting combo for tea... Tang!!! AAaahh fond childhood memories...lol We only buy for the grandkids and thats a small gift card.. Theres not much we need.. We just enjoy the season .. the lights etc... However i see hubby was a bad boy this year and there is something under the tree for me!!! I have no idea what it is... so exciting.. lol Merry Christmas and Happy T day Divers Hugs! deb

  12. Beautiful post, D. I agree. I don't do much buying for Christmas but I do tend to get caught up in the holiday whirl of decorating, baking, etc. And as far as not needing any more "stuff," we live in an area where poverty is prevalent. I've spent quite of bit of time this Advent cleaning out my closets of usable clothing, sheets and towels in good condition to donate to local charities. Why did I wait so long to do this? You're right, there's much to be said for simplifying.

    Wishing you many Christmas blessings. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  13. A very thoughtful post. As a society all this buy buy buy is one of the symptoms that we have lost our way. Thanks for sharing your recipe for special tea. I make one with Bengal Spice herbal tea.

  14. What a thoughtful post! An interesting combo for tea indeed - will try to make this - lovely that you still have the jar that your daughter decorated♥♥
    Have a Very Merry Christmas Divers!
    oxo Susi

  15. Christmas for many has become nothing more than an excuse to shop. I must admit I am pretty bad because I like to shop and also I like to buy gifts for others too. But our Christmas' are not burdened with expensive gifts. And I like the idea of your spice tea and I am going to try that too. Happy belated T day. I have a nasty head cold and managed not to get on much yesterday. Hugs-Erika

  16. What a wonderful video - so true and something we have been considering carefully this year! Love the jar you have prepared for your daughter! Have a wonderful Christmas1 Belated Happy T day! Chrisx

  17. I'm way late for Tuesday but what the heck, LOL! I intend to look at all your links. Like most adults who aren't below the poverty line, we don't need any more. We haven't put up a tree for years - our grown kids do and we just go enjoy theirs. I do like the lights and the carols and those certain Christmas smells and those things are easy to find. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.

  18. I don't really get to purchase many gifts..but I like making them..my daughters and niece always get a handmade gift. Helena doesn't watch much tv so she isn't aware of the latest toys and fads, so this saves me from having to search for silly dolls and games that will be forgotten by next season.

  19. My cat jumped on my laptop and pressed enter! I wanted to add that your spiced tea looks so pretty in that jar. I love that mug. I hope you have a wonderful day!