Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Deux Fillette Finlandaises

Deux Fillette Finlandaises (Two Finnish Girls):

a 1907 painting by Sonia Delaunay, who died on this date in 1979 at age 94. Born in Ukraine in the Russian Empire in 1885, she moved to Paris in 1905. Wikipedia says she
spent most of her working life in Paris and, with her husband Robert Delaunay and others, cofounded the Orphism art movement, noted for its use of strong colours and geometric shapes. Her work extends to painting, textile design and stage set design. She was the first living female artist to have a retrospective exhibition at the Louvre in 1964, and in 1975 was named an officer of the French Legion of Honor.
This is a photo of her taken in 1901:

This is a video/slide show of some of her art:

This is video from a conference associated with an exhibition of her work, especially her textile work. An interesting look into her biography is an early part of the video:

In 2015 the Tate Modern held a retrospective of Delaunay's career, which you can read about here and at the Tate site here. You can read the transcript of an interview with her here.

Please join the bloggers who participate in the T Stands for Tuesday gathering where we share a drink together. I wonder what the Finnish girl in the painting at the top of the post has in her cup. I always start the day with black coffee.


  1. She made some fabulous art, most of which seemed to be abstract. I really like that you posted on the day of her death. You always find the most unusual and relevant art to share with us at T. Thanks for sharing Sonia Delaunay and her art with us for T this Tuesday. I will be glad to link you, so no one misses these lovely works.

  2. What an interesting artist she is ! Thank you for sharing her art with us! Happy T-Day!

  3. thanks for reminding me to the delauneys - i love their art!

  4. I love the colourful style of her art and textile work - beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the information and videos too, so interesting 😁. Wishing you a very Happy T Tuesday! J 😊

  5. I didn't know this painter, so thanks for the introduction. Her art is great. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. I enjoyed getting to learn about this new to me artist-thank you
    Enjoy your tuesday Kathy

  7. Coffee with cream and sugar here Divers... Love hearing about artists i didn't know about.. Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  8. Thank you for the links and the information, her art looks wonderful.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  9. I knew of her art but not so much about her textiles. Thanks for the great links

  10. Thanks for introducing us to Sonia Delaunay. I had never heard of her before! I LOVE her use of color in the painting of the Finnish girls. Those bright colors are warming me up on this frosty day. Happy T Day. 🙂☕️

  11. Very interesting, D. Another artist I'd never heard of who would be lost to the ages if it weren't for people like you ;-)

    Happy T-day! Eileen

  12. it's amazes me how you find these artists and writers to fit certain dates. I had never heard of Sonia Delauny until now. I do like her Finnish woman painting. I looked at some of her work . nice use of color for sure. Thanks for teaching me something new on this T day. Hope it was a good one. hugs-Erika

  13. What a beautiful T-Day entry. I think the Finnish girls are drinking coffee. The Fins do like their coffee and are the number one coffee drinkers in Europe (I read somewhere).
    Thank you for introducing me to Sonia Delaunay. I am going to take some time and watch the video and find more about this artista. Not many female artists got recognition. It was not accepted for a woman to be an artista many years ago.
    Thank you for a very interesting post.
    Happy belated T-Day,

  14. I love seeing Sonia Delaunay's work! A lot of her work reminds of Kandinsky or Mark Rothko! I will look her up tomorrow - it is getting late here! Belated Happy T day! Chrisx

  15. I love that first painting. I have never seen her art before but this is so neat. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy belated tea day,