Wednesday, December 06, 2017

My Exercise Routine

I'm putting this all in one place, gradually having found videos of each of the exercises, so I can make sure none of them fall off my radar. I'm going to add this link to the sidebar on the right with my other exercise links.

I don't really know what I'm doing here and haven't seen a physical therapist or trainer, but I've tried to put together a plan that will help my balance and functional strength and maybe even slow my bone loss. I welcome suggestions and recommendations. I know some of these are probably duplicating others and that I could most likely make better use of my time by eliminating some of these, but I have no idea what that would look like.

I also do yoga 7 days a week, using the poses illustrated on my blog post here, holding each of those poses for 30 seconds.


Standing Hip Flexion:

Hip Abduction:

Hip Extension:

Front Knee Raise (I rest weights on my legs during these):


Sumo Squat:

Bicep Curl:

Lateral arm raises:

Front Arm Raises:

Reverse Fly:

Shoulder Press:

Bent-Over Two-Arm Dumbbell Triceps Extension:

Horizontal Row:


Hands and Knees:

Bird dog (hold for 30 seconds each side):



90/90 Hip Stretch:

Tailor Sit:

Tricep Dip:

On my back:

Straight Leg Raise:

Single leg bridge (I do a regular bridge as part of my yoga practice):

Hip Abduction with strap:

Thigh Squeeze (I use a towel instead of a ball):

Triceps Extension:

Dead Bug:

Dumbbell Pullover:

Pelvic Tilts:

Incline Bench Press (I use a ball):

Figure 4 stretch, both sides:

Knee to Chest:



Hip Abduction:

Hip Adduction:

Side Plank (arms extended):

On my stomach:

either this T-M-Y on a ball (I use light weights with these):

or this I-T-W-Y on the floor:

Reverse Snow Angels:


On the stairs:

Standing Calf Raise:

Crossover Step-up:

Seated on chair:

Scapular Squeeze:


  1. I've done a couple of these exercises, but I don't have any special equipment. Looks like you have quite the routine. Do you do all that and go on hikes, too?

    1. I do these regularly but not daily. The walking is a whole 'nother thing ;) I don't do that for exercise. I have a few light weights and a ball. I don't have room for much equipment. I used to have an exercycle and a rowing machine, but space is a real issue here.

  2. Glad you're trying to stay healthy. Plenty of dark, leafy greens help with bone loss also.
    It's so nice that you have somewhere gorgeous to go walking.

    1. I do watch my diet and I like raw spinach :) I've heard prunes help, and I like them.

  3. Kudos to you, lady! Whew! ;)

    1. You say that not knowing that I haven't done anything except yoga this week lol

  4. You did a great job compiling all these great exercises together! Wow, I'm exhausted justing looking at them all 😉. You are so good completing these at home, I attend an exercise class every week instead as that works better for me. Have fun and Happy December! J 😀

    1. Most people seem to prefer classes, but I'm bad about actually going to any regularly scheduled activity. Retirement suits me well ;)

  5. I like how you put these all together. My doctor told me I need to work on my core since I walk a lot and get that exercise, but not the core. Think I may try a few of these. Thanks for the incentive! Happy Thursday. Hugs-Erika

    1. I hope you find some of these useful. I need to walk more regularly, but I'm a fair weather walker :(