Monday, December 18, 2017

Full House, by O.Henry

Full House is an 1952 O.Henry anthology film containing these five stories:
  • "The Cop and the Anthem"
  • "The Clarion Call"
  • "The Last Leaf"
  • "The Ransom of Red Chief"
  • "The Gift of the Magi"
This is a joy to add to the Christmas Movie queue.

The New York Times has a positive review that closes with this: "Notable in all of these episodes is a flavor and atmosphere of New York when it was Bagdad on the Subway and O. Henry was grinding out his tales.... These stories need no introduction. They thoroughly stand on their own."

Variety calls it "a full house of entertainment that has something for all tastes." DVD Talk calls it "solid entertainment from the Hollywood studio system".


  1. Marilyn Monroe looks like a serious actress in this short. I appreciate the review. I'll be sad when Christmas comes and it's all over for another year.

    1. The woman had talent, that's certain :) I'm already scheduling Christmas movies for next year lol since I ran out of days to post them for this year. When I die, I'll probably have posts scheduled for years to come lol

  2. I love O. Henry. he wrote clever stories and I thank you for sharing. I enjoyed watching this trailer. I didn't even recognize Marilyn Monroe as she wasn't the sultry actress yet. :) Happy Monday. Hugs-Erika

  3. I think I would like this one but cant find it except on youtube with half the screen missing--LOL! I'll keep my eyes open for a watchable version.

    1. I couldn't find it online, but I have the DVD, picked up cheap from somewhere now forgotten. It is impossible to watch the ones shared on youtube with fuzzed video and smallified screens. It looks like you can rent it for $2.99 here: and rent it for $3.99 on Amazon , but I've never used those features and am not sure how it works.