Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Pistol for Ringo

A Pistol for Ringo is a 1965 spaghetti western that takes place during the Christmas season. I love a non-traditional Christmas movie, and this is about as non-traditional as you can get. Many a "Merry Christmas" is called out across the dirt street, and there's talk of presents and a Christmas tree, and someone even says that the kindness of Christmas should last all year instead of being reserved for a single day of the year. Delightful! calls it an "essential spaghetti western from the early days of the genre" and says,
A Pistol for Ringo was one of the most successful films of the early stream of spaghetti westerns. Director Duccio Tessari had been one of the co-authors of Leone's first western, A Fistful of Dollars and Ringo is clearly modeled after the Man with No Name. But he's not a clone. Just look at the way the character is introduced: he's playing with a group of children when he is addressed by four guys. Before we know what is going on, he shoots all four of them. The wonderful scene says: I'm a cheerful fellow, but don't mess with me! A Pistol for Ringo was meant to be a lighter, less cynical version of the western Italian style, with Giuliano Gemma playing a character who is, so to speak, No Name’s more fashionable brother: instead of a poncho, he's wearing a suit (modeled after the clothes Gary Cooper was wearing in High Noon). His knickname would forever be Angel Face.
A Fistful of Pasta recommends it, calling it "a good, solid, entertaining film" and says, "It was well-paced, the acting wasn't over the top as it can often be in these films, the English overdub was well-recorded and ably acted, and there was a good Morricone score. Gemma's got some good screen prescence as always, and it works well in this one."


  1. Sounds like a wonderful film. I think the opening would get me, too. I'll watch this after I leave this comment. Since this is the last day of 2017, I want to personally wish you a safe and joyous New Year and a movie packed 2018. I'm so glad you are still in Christmas mode.

    1. Happy New Year! It's Christmas time here until January 5th. We draw it out as long as possible lol