Sunday, July 08, 2012

Unintended Concert

The Daughter and I went to a local book shop one night recently only to be amazed at the crowd. There was music playing, so we worked our way back to the back to see what was going on. The massed crowd was mingling and chatting and drinking martinis and completely ignoring the music. Background music. The musicians would stop and start again, but no one seemed to notice. I was tempted to applaud loudly at the next pause, but I decided that perhaps the intrusion of a wildly applauding middle-aged woman in a denim jumper and straw hat wouldn't be appreciated by these cocktail-swilling, high-heeled yuppies.

A guy who worked in the cafe told The Daughter that it was some kind of literacy benefit, but I'm missing the part where closing off a section of the bookstore aids literacy. I bought one book and The Daughter bought two, and a percentage of that will go to whatever the cause was.

I think they should have music that people would actually listen to next time, but then I never understood the whole "elevator music" concept.


  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Block off the books for sale -- promote literacy!
    What a country.
    -- A Pal

  2. The Cleveland Orchestra sends out 2 or 3 musicians to play at random places. They just set up in the grocery store or some small shop and play light classical.

  3. kind of a pop-up concert. sounds like fun.

    i think the bookstore could just use taped music for background noise if no one is going to pay any attention anyway.

  4. I probably would have listened to the music. I take any chance offered to be opened up to new art, music, whatnot.

    U wear jumpers and straw hats too. I love jumpers and straw hats.

    Simple clothing. Simple but cute. Never been one to dress up. Used to work at a law firm. Occasionally, we would have to dress up and attend evening parties. I didn't do well in those settings at all.