Sunday, July 22, 2012

Harumafuji Wins Sumo Tournament

The Washington Post reports: "Mongolian Ozeki Harumafuji beat compatriot Hakuho on Sunday to win the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament and capture his third Emperor’s Cup."

The Asahi Shimbun Asia & Japan Watch opens their story with this:
Ozeki Harumafuji won the first final-day showdown between an unbeaten ozeki and yokozuna--and the first duel of unbeaten wrestlers on the final day in 29 years--by pushing Mongolian compatriot Hakuho out of the ring at the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament on July 22.
The Mainichi says,
Ozeki Harumafuji was leagues above yokozuna rival Hakuho on Sunday, winning the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament and his third career Emperor's Cup, while denying the grand champion his 23rd career title. The Mongolian ozeki, whose last win came here last year, won with a perfect 15-0 record in a tournament for the first time.
This video has excellent explanatory commentary in English:

The photo at the top of the post is from Wikipedia.

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