Friday, July 13, 2012

Las Delicias

This was not my first trip to Las Delicias, but I had decided not to go back because the over-sized chairs were so uncomfortable. The Daughter told me the restaurant had gotten new chairs and normal-sized people could now sit in some comfort, so The Husband and I went there for lunch one day.

The waitress was pleasant and gave us just the right amount of attention. She asked if we wanted 1 check or separate checks. That's the second time that's happened recently. Is that new? For as long as I can remember waiters have brought 1 check to the table no matter how many people there were unless separate checks were specifically requested. And sometimes waiters insisted on a single check even then.

The food was good. Neither of us could finish. I got the chicken flautas and The Husband ordered tamales:

I'm glad this place is doing so well. It gets great reviews from local bloggers.


  1. I have to laugh. I was here on Friday at 8:30 p.m.

    I ordered the same think u did.

    I am just going to check with u from now on and just ask u where me and my friends r going to eat that day.

  2. lol we do have some good places to eat around here, don't we!