Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Why we won't go back to Logan's Roadhouse

The last 3 times we've gone to Logan's:

1) We were seated next to the kitchen even though plenty of other seats were available;

2) We were given waiters who were brand new, ignorant of the menu, had probably never waited on folks ever before and who found their difficulties serving us to be very funny. (I think they must like their new servers close to the kitchen.);

3) Our orders were wrong, completely wrong. Not even close. This wasn't just a matter of getting the side orders wrong or the meat not being cooked just right but a matter of bringing chicken instead of a hamburger, bringing only three meals when there were four of us at the table and having to give the fourth order again and then that order being wrong! None of the orders were right during any of our last 3 visits.

4) The food was cold when brought to the table. Not even warm. The food was cold. Yuck!

5) and most damning: They didn't care. I complained each time, and the latest time they actually laughed about it.

We used to go to Logan's a lot. It was a favorite of The Husband.

Never again.

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  1. I love going to restaurants and having exceptional service. However, I did experience "cold" food time at a restaurant and cannot bring myself to go back there. That was over 10 years. It's amazing how they leaves such a negative memory. Bad service, bad food or drink, etc. People just don't seem to care anymore. That is why I try to give good service to my Coffeehouse customers. I have gained a lot of good acquaintances, regulars and customers based on simple honest customer service. As though u were in my home.