Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The African Queen

The African Queen stars Humphrey Bogart (in his only Oscar-winning role) and Katherine Hepburn and is directed by John Huston.

I can't believe I hadn't seen this until now, but I do have some huge holes in my film-watching experience. This is a wonderful movie! No wonder everybody holds it in such high regard!


Slant Magazine gives it 3 1/2 out of 4 stars. DVD Talk calls it "a beloved Hollywood treasure". Roger Ebert says,
It is an almost perfect illustration of how much a really good movie can please. Things happen on the screen that makes you happy. You get involved.
It get a 100% score from Rotten Tomatoes. The book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die says, "of the many wonderful films summarized in this book, it truly is a must-see."


  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Great flick!
    -- A Pal

  2. The movie portrays men and women's relationships in a way we would never see today. I think this is a big part of the charm of this movie the way Katherine Hepburn's character can dominate Bogart's rough and tough guy. Ithink we long for these simpler times.

  3. "in a way we would never see today"

    it's subtle. you know what's going on, but it's not blatant. i love bogart's line to the captain when he asks him to marry them, "it's only that it would mean so much to the lady."