Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Pyramid of Mud

The Pyramid of Mud is the 22nd book in the Inspector Montalbano mystery series by Andrea Camilleri. I've read these in publication order because the characters age and develop over time.

from the back of the book:
Italy's favorite detective uncovers mafia ties in the world of construction.

On a gloomy morning in Vigata, a call rouses Inspector Montalbano from a nightmare. A man named Giugiu Nicotra has been found dead in the skeletal workings of a construction site, a place now entombed by a sea of mud from recent days of rain and floods. Shot in the back, Nicotra appears to have fled into a water supply system tunnel. The investigation gets off to a slow start, but all the evidence points to the world of construction and public contracts, a world just as slimy and impenetrable as mud. As he wades through the case, Montalbano is obsessed by one thought: that by going to die in the tunnel, was Nicotra trying to tell him something?
Kirkus Reviews concludes, "The usual humor and strong personalities we expect from Camilleri will be missed by fans in this book, but the more intricate portrait of the detective will make the pages turn anyway." Publishers Weekly closes with this: "Despite feeling his age, Montalbano manages to arrive at a solution to the puzzle with his customary cunning, humor, and fearlessness. Readers will hope he lives forever."

I've read the earlier books in the series:
1. The Shape of Water
2. The Terra-Cotta Dog
3. The Snack Thief
4. Voice of the Violin
5. Excursion to Tindari
6. The Smell of Night
7. Rounding the Mark
8. The Patience of the Spider
9. The Paper Moon
10. August Heat
11. The Wings of the Sphinx
12. The Track of Sand
13. The Potter's Field
14. The Age of Doubt
15. Dance of the Seagull
16. Treasure Hunt
17. Angelica's Smile
18. A Game of Mirrors
19. A Beam of Light
20. A Voice in the Night
21. A Nest of Vipers


  1. I SO wish my library had this series. I want to find these books every time you review one.

    1. Do y'all have any kind of inter-library loan program? Does your library take requests? Maybe they could just add that first one and see if it's popular....

    2. I've asked in the past, but the libraries that are in their loan program don't have the books or the author, Andrea Camilleri, available for loan.

    3. Such a shame. There ought to be some way to try one :(

    4. In a comment below, Rita says she found some of them free as audios on youtube.

  2. Like I said before, I can't keep up with you. 😺

  3. Detective stories are always fun to read.

  4. Wow, good for you. One of these days I am going to try this series. It must be good since you've read so many!

    1. I do like the characters, and I find the books fun to read.

  5. I can't keep up with you on books or movies--LOL! But I did listen the the first book on audio and I liked it a lot. I found several of his audio books on youtube for free. :)

  6. Wow, that's a long series! They sound like an enjoyable read too 😀. Happy Friday and Weekend! Hugs, Jo x

    1. It's satisfying to me to read a long-running series. I loved the Inspector Dalgliesh mysteries and the Cadfael series, too :)

  7. I Love this seriös! Valerie

    1. I've heard there's a tv adaptation, but I've never seen them.