Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Idiot's Guide to Smarter Coffee Drinking in 7 Steps

A Guide To Smarter Coffee Drinking Infographic
Image via: AHealthBlog

and they completely lose me at step #1, because I drink a cup or two before 10:00 AM and like it better then than any time of the day. Ah, well, health advice seems more a matter of passing fad than of fact-based science.

I still haven't gotten back into creating ATCs. It's like that one week of vacation away put a screeching halt to the art fun. I have all my bits of papers and supplies out, and I'm committed to making a few this week. In the meantime I'll enjoy the artistic endeavors of the T Stands for Tuesday bloggers. Join us as we share a drink.


  1. HMMM! I'm a night owl, so I drink coffee 24/7. I drink it black, I drink it with 1/2 and 1/2. I never use milk and never add sugar or sweetener. Now I know why I can drink a mug of coffee and fall asleep. I always thought it was because I'm so addicted to caffeine, my drug of choice. Had to laugh at this, yet really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for a really perfect and out of the box choice for T this Tuesday.

    Let me give you some advice, dear friend. DO NOT force the art. We all fall into slumps and anyone who tells you they don't are lying to you and their selves. If you force yourself to make art, you will only get more frustrated and waste precious resources. At some point, you'll know when it's time to start making ATCs again. And when you do, that feeling will come back with a vengeance! Trust me, I know.

    1. Thank you for these encouraging words :) I think I needed that :)

  2. Well, I'm sure it's all the coffee I drink that keeps me so fit! But I am not going to give up my milk foam with it, I don't like the taste of the alternatives. Thanks for the interesting information today, happy T day, Valerie

  3. Wonder if this works for tea drinkers, too?

  4. So interesting, I don't drink coffee myself but I know that my family and friends drink coffee before 10am or they are like bears with sore heads ...lol 😉. Your art mojo will return soon I'm sure, it happens to us all and will return in time. Happy T Tuesday! Hugs, Jo x

  5. Gotta have my cuppa within 1/2 hr. after I get up- no matter what time it is:):) Happy T day!

  6. Anonymous10:52 AM

    They lost me, too at #1. However, though I drink it black, I like it with cinnamon sometimes.
    --A Pal

  7. This was interesting! I can't drink caffeine as it rises my blood pressure really fast-so everyone is uniquely different-but I love reading what they come up with haha Happy Tuesday kathy

  8. This is my kind of coffee chart. I like the part about combining the nap with a cup of coffee. I might have to try that soon. Happy T-Day!

  9. This was really interesting. And I guess it must give you longer life as my mom is almost 90 (or will be next month) and has always been a heavy coffee drinker as long as I've known her. Maybe I need to start drinking it. (smile) Hope you had a great T day. Hugs-Erika

  10. Very funny advice that sounds like it comes from a non-coffee-drinker person--ROFL!

    Create when the urge hits you and have fun! :)

  11. A really interesting post, especially for me as I don;t drink it very often, the rest of my family drink it all the time.
    I'm sure your Art Mojo will return, as folk have said it goes off at some point in time for many of us.
    Have a great day.
    Yvonne xx

  12. OOh I´ve read about coffe enjoying all the steps ! I really dring descaf. coffee, and much more tea! So... I can sleep :) Happy belated T-day ! (sorry I´m latge ) (again)
    Don´t worry, your muses are having fun holidays now, Mine, sometimes take a rest :) but they always come back, because they enjoy Art! so, it´s just a question of time.
    I wish you a very nice afternoon, and send you big hugsss

  13. Very interesting to look through but you lost me at coffee as I am a avid tea drinker ;) HAHA.
    Happy Tea Day,

  14. I agree completely about health fads, D. I've learned to take new scientific or medical advice with a grain of salt. My motto is "everything in moderation."

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  15. That was very interesting. Yes, we drink our coffee late, at about midday. But we get up at 9, so that is in tune with the graph in your article.
    I didn't know you could have coffee and nap. Having said that, I do sometimes have a coffee in the evening when we're out. And it doesn't prevent me from having a good night's sleep.
    Sorry I'm late in commenting. We are having problems with the power lines in the strong winds. The power goes off every few minutes for a short while and then it takes my computer a few minutes to boot up again. Nightmare!
    Happy belated T-Day,