Monday, September 11, 2017

Yoga Classes on Youtube

In celebration of National Yoga Month: These videos include both floor and standing poses in well-balanced routines.

The Do Yoga With Me Youtube channel has an hour-long chair yoga video for seniors that emphasizes arm and wrist strengthening but includes some stretches and some leg and ankle strengthening. I do it standing and add a bit of weights to some of the activities. They also have a 23-minute "Yoga with Ron Stewart: Morning Wake Up and Move!" video that I've liked.

Yoga with Adriene has many wonderful videos, including this 40-minute Vinyasa for strength:

Full Length Gentle Yoga Class for Beginners and Seniors, parts 1, 2, and 3, from The Mat Project:

Those videos above are not a sequence but are separate routines that can be practiced independently of one another. The second one is perhaps a bit more advanced.

Yoga with Tim has a 1-hour class: has a video with clear instruction for 20 postures:

Melissa West spends a lot more time talking before she starts the actual yoga poses to suit me, but I like some of her videos.


  1. I've tried some of those beginner videos, but somehow, just can't get into yoga, even though it would certainly improve my balance.

    1. Yes, it'll work wonders for your balance! I've gotten to where I don't use the videos much but just do the poses that suit my needs. That might work better for you, too, instead of following the flows in the videos. Tree pose is really just standing on one foot, and I've found it very helpful to me: